Qubo Security Kit



  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Instant notification of gas leaks
  • Smart Sensors and an Emergency call alert
  • Phone call alerts to draw immediate attention in critical situations
  • Contents of the Qubo Security Kit: an Intruder Alarm system, a full HD Camera
  • Smoke detection system to protect your home from fires and accidents
  • Smartly control all your Qubo devices through a user friendly, easy to use dashboard
  • HD camera to provide high quality, 24×7 live monitoring of your home
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa – control through voice commands
  • Privacy guaranteed with 128-bit advanced encryption
  • Easy to install – no wiring needed
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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Qubo Security Kit

Get total protection for your home with the Qubo Security Kit






The Qubo Smart Security System includes a power-packed combination of devices that offer all-around, complete protection to your home and family. It includes an Intruder Alarm System, a Smoke detection system, a Gas Detection System as well as a Theft Alarm; to guarantee a complete package of protection to your home at all times.


The Qubo Security Kit also comes with a HD camera that forms best quality images and provides 24×7 live monitoring of your home at your fingertips. In case of situations that pose an imminent danger to your home; the Qubo Security Kit alerts you via a phone call so as to draw your immediate attention to the issue and prevent critical accidents in your home.


With the Qubo Smart Security kit, you receive complete security at your fingertips. You can now control all your Qubo devices through the simple and easy-to-use dashboard on the all new Qubo App. The Qubo Security Kit is compatible with Amazon Alexa, giving you the freedom to control all protection systems in your home through voice commands. The Qubo Security Kit is also very easy to install and can be set up within minutes, without requiring any professional help.


At Qubo, your privacy is our priority. All our devices are made in compliance with some of the highest standards of safety and privacy in the industry; in order to prevent any misuse of or unauthorized access to your personal data. You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Qubo Smart Security Kit. For more information on the Qubo Smart Door/ Window Sensor and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.






Qubo Security Kit




HD camera for remote live monitoring

The Qubo Security Kit includes a 1080p FHD Camera with Ultra Wide lens to offer you true life image quality coverage to ensure the best security for your home. The Qubo Security Kit offers 24×7 live coverage of your entire home; so that you can be in the know at all times.

Advanced intruder alarm system

The intruder alarm system included with the Qubo Security Kit offers complete protection from intruders for your home. An alarm starts ringing the moment the Security Kit detected any intrusion through your door and windows; alerting you as well as the neighbours and security personnel about possible intrusion, thus helping to scare away the intruder and keeping your home safe.



Qubo Intrusion Detection System







Qubo Security Kit - Theft alerts





Get alerted to attempted thefts

The Smart Security Kit also includes a theft alarm system; that helps to keep your valuables safe, even when you are not around.


Prevent accidents with the Smoke Detection System

The Security Kit also protects you from fires and accidents as it instantly notifies you the moment it detects smoke in your home; thus ensuring complete protection from any untoward accidents.


Qubo Smoke Detection




Qubo Gas Leakage Sensor



Get instant notifications of Gas leaks

Now protect your home from accidents owing to gas leaks with the Qubo’s Security Kit. The moment the Security Kit detects signs of a gas leak in your home, it sets off a loud alarm as well as sends a notification to your smartphone through the Qubo app; so that you are able to plug the leak in time to avoid any accidents.

Get smart alerts on the Qubo App

Instant, smart notifications are sent on the Qubo App on your smartphone for all functions offered by the Qubo’s Security Kit. You can also control all your Qubo devices from the simple, user friendly dashboard available on the Qubo app; and ensure total protection of your home and loved ones.



Qubo App - Alerts





Qubo Phone Call alerts



Intelligent alerts with phone call follow-ups

In case of critical events that may pose an immediate danger to your home and family; the Security Kit alerts you to the imminent danger by placing a phone call and drawing your immediate attention to the problem, thus helping you prevent mishaps effectively.

Easy Installation

The Qubo’s Smart Security Kit is very easy to install. Installation involves absolutely no wiring and causes no damage to your doors or windows. The installation can be completed within minutes, without requiring the services of a professional.







Qubo Security Kit - Voice Control




So smart that it can listen and act on your command

The Qubo’s Security Set comes integrated with Amazon Alexa, giving you the convenience of controlling your Kit with voice commands.


Designed to protect your privacy

The Qubo’s Smart Security Kit is encrypted with AES 128 bit Encryption to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. Cloud storage of your data collected by the Qubo’s Security Kit is performed on servers based in India to ensure maximum privacy of your data.

Backed by the trust of Hero Group, Qubo team works hard to ensure that your private home moments stay private and guarantee that no such data is ever shared with a third party.


Qubo Security Kit - Trust of HERO group




1-Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the Qubo Security Kit; you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.