Openapp Door Four



  • Clean, sleek and modern design
  • Unlimited access to all your family members
  • Works by connecting to your home network (Wi-Fi)
  • Emergency keys provided in case you are locked out
  • 5 color variants to compliment your decor – White, Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Red
  • 5 ways to unlock – through smartphone, key card, touchpad, fingerprint and physical keys
  • Universal fit – readily compatible with Indian doors with thickness of 34 to 60mm
  • Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit encryption to keep your data safe
  • Confidentiality ensured – enter decoy digits before or after passcode to prevent unauthorized access
  • Give remote access to your friends and family through a single tap on your smartphone – works on Android and iPhone
  • Set schedules to let your househelp in, even when you are away
  • Emergency jumpstart option available, in case battery runs out
  • Relies on 4xAA batteries for power
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy installation
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Openapp Door Four

Unlock convenience with the Openapp Door Four



OpenApp Door Four - Rose Gold




With the Openapp Door Four, you now have 5 ways to unlock your door – your smartphone, a key card, fingerprint, touchpad and a physical key. To add an extra layer of safety, emergency keys are also provided with the Openapp Door Four.


The Openapp Door Four is a delight to use as it has been designed suited to your lifestyle needs. You can now grant remote access to your friends and relatives even when you are not at home; reducing the hassle and risk of passing around physical keys. You can also pre-schedule the Openapp Door Four to grant access to your maid or househelp.


Keeping your safety in mind, the Openapp Door Four is designed to keep your data safe by applying an Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit encryption, which is also used by banks, thus ensuring maximum data protection. An OTP is required to access the app, thus removing the risk of any unauthorized access to your personal smart locks.


You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Openapp Door Four, that protects you against any manufacturing defects. For more information on the Openapp Door Four and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.







OpenApp Door Three - 5 Unlock Modes





5 ways to unlock your home

The Openapp’s Door Four lets you unlock your door in 5 ways – through your smartphone, via your fingerprint, using an access card, through a touchpad and by using a physical key. Take your pick and choose convenience with the Openapp’s Door Four. You will also receive emergency keys that grant access in emergency situations, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Remote access for your loved ones

Now grant remote access to your friends and relatives when you are away from home, with the Openapp’s Door Four. Simply tap the app in your smartphone and grant instant access to your loved ones.



OpenApp Remote Control - App






OpenApp Dour Four - Schedule visits




Create schedules at your convenience


Running errands and worried about your maid leaving in case you don’t answer the door? Don’t worry because the Openapp’s Door Four has got you covered. Pre-schedule access to your maid or house help, even when you are away from home so that you can live worry-free.


Hassle-free access if you forget to charge the batteries

Worried about getting locked out of the house in case the batteries run out? That is not an issue as the Openapp’s Door Four lets you easily jump-start your door lock in case you forget to charge the batteries by simply letting you plug in a power bank and getting the job done immediately.



OpenApp Door Four - Hasslefree access







OpenApp Door Four - Secure




Your safety is our priority

Rest assured as your passcode always remains confidential. You can now mask your security code by entering decoy digits before or after your passcode and throw off any onlookers.

Keep tabs on visits

With the Openapp’s Door Four, you can now keep tabs on who comes in and leaves from your house through the app in your smartphone.










Security - Encryption


Openapp respects your privacy

We aim to make sure that you feel safe and secure in your own home. This is why we use advanced procedures and technology to protect your personal data from any unauthorised access.

All data collected by the Openapp’s Door Four is encrypted with Advanced Encryption standard 128-bit; an encryption scheme used by banks. An OTP is required in order to use the app, thus adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to and control over your personal smart locks.

Fits Indian doors perfectly

The Openapp’s Door Four is readily compatible with any Indian wooden door that has a thickness of 34 to 60 mm; ensuring that you get the best protection with minimal hassle.



OpenApp Door Four - Fits Indian Doors







OpenApp Door Four - Installation





Easy Installation

The Openapp’s Door Four is very easy to install. Installation of the Door Four involves a 3-step procedure:

  1. Prep your door using the template provided in the box,
  2. Fix the external unit, mortise and internal unit to the door,
  3. And finally, install 4xAA batteries and voilà! Your Openapp Door Four is ready to use!

1-Year Hardware Warranty


With the purchase of the Openapp’s Door Four, you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.


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