SmartNode Universal IR Blaster



Control all your IR devices from a single remote


  • 360 Degree IR Transmission
  • Range goes up to 8m line of sight
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi on a 2.4 GHz
  • Infrared Frequency between 20 kHz to 60 kHz
  • Working Temperature Varies from 0-55 Degree Celsius
  • Control from SmartNode’s iOS & Android application
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • 3 years warranty
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SmartNode Universal IR Blaster

One Remote to Rule Them All



SmartNode Universal IR Blaster is the universal remote well suited for your homes and your offices. The uniqueness of the product is precisely what the name suggests — universality. With SmartNode’s Universal IR Blaster, you can regulate all your smart home operations like switching on/off the Air Conditioners, Television Sets, Set-Top Boxes, Music Systems, DVDs, and all other IR controlled appliances, wirelessly from your smartphone. 

What’s more? You can even pair it up with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, apart from accessing it from SmartNode’s iOS & Android application



Schedule like a Pro

Designate a schedule for every control, whether it’s switching on/off the Air Conditioner or increasing and decreasing the A.C. temperature. The same applies to the amplification of the Audio Systems, Television Sets, etc.


SmartNode IR Blaster - Schedule


Smart Lights


Create your favorite scenes

SmartNode I.R. Blaster’s power-packed features take it up a notch when you can turn on/off all the appliances simultaneously. Play your favorite music, watch your favorite episode on T.V. with a chilly room all at the same time to uplift your mood.


Works out-of-the-box

The inbuilt SmartNode pre-defined remote will enable you to set temperatures, volumes, change channels and switch on and off various instruments with the aid of the I.R. Blaster Module, which exists in the Smart Node database.


SmartNode - Smart Control


SmartNode IR Blaster - Remote FunctionalityLearns like a champ

The learn remote functionality allows you the flexibility to add the remotes which may not be listed in the database of SmartNode. So you need not worry about configuring the IR Blaster feature with the listed smart node appliances only.

Install anywhere

The fitting can be made per your agreement. It allows two options, which are either on table-top or ceiling mount.




WiFiNo Hub Required

You don’t need to buy an external gateway or hub additionally to control the SmartNode Universal I.R. Blaster. You can pair it up directly with your Wi-Fi router (2.4 GHz), in order to start controlling it from your smartphone.

3-years warranty

SmartNode products come with a standard 1-year manufacturer replacement warranty, which covers you against any hardware defects or failures. Additionally, SmartNode also offers a 2-year repairable warranty (at extra cost); thereby covering you for a total of 3 years.





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