YI Home 2 Camera 1080p



  • 1080p HD lens
  • 4x digital zoom
  • LDC technology
  • Anti-noise filter (built-in)
  • Sensitive motion detection
  • Enhanced infrared night vision camera
  • Baby crying sound identification
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Quick and easy installation
  • YI secure cloud service
  • People count feature
  • Mobile and PC app

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YI Home 2 Camera 1080p




The YI Home Camera 1080p is a high definition camera with a 1080p/25 fps resolution which provides you with high-end security and protection. The camera comes with a 112° wide angle lens which gives you crisp and clear quality images and videos with no blind spots. The 2.12MP camera features a 1/2.8” 200W CMOS Sensor and F2.0 Aperture lens and a 4x digital zoom feature to help you get a detailed view.

The image enhancing features consist of HDR/WDR, 3A, and 3D LUT Color Correction. Furthermore, the camera comes with an advanced night vision feature with a range of 9 meters which stays awake while you sleep. It is accompanied by a non-invasive 940nm infrared sensor to enable high-quality video recording.



Y1_Home_2_Camera_1080p_features_1LDC Technology

The Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) technology gives you a straight and clear image of objects. With LDC, you get to see the real-world setting in your mobile/PC and therefore delivering you optimal viewing experience.

People Count Feature

Now you won’t have to spend time counting the number of heads entering or passing by your house. This feature does it all for you! The intelligent ‘people count’ feature counts the number of people in a place for you. Along with this, the YI Home Camera consists of a gesture recognition feature too.

YI Home 2 Camera 1080p - Counting


YI Home 2 Camera - Baby Cry Detection


Baby Crying Detection

This smart feature detects any sound made by your baby. The feature helps you to keep a check on your baby’s movements and keep him/her safe. The camera has non-invasive 11*940nm IR LEDs which is made exclusively for your baby and its comfort.

Mobile and PC App

The YI Home Camera’s integrated app allows you to monitor and control your footage. The app is convenient, user-friendly and absolutely easy to use. The app provides great options like Camera Sharing, Activity Alerts, and Customize Schedule. All such facilities make it, even more, user-friendly and a powerful app and device for you!

The YI Home app is available for both Android and iOS users. One app can be used for 12 devices. The PC App is compatible for Windows XP and above and for Mac OS.

YI Home App


YI Camera - 2-way audio


Advanced Microphone

The YI Home Camera 1080p also features a highly responsive and advanced microphone which has a built-in 3D noise reduction to enable a clearer 2-way audio experience. The two-way audio feature helps you stay connected with your family wherever you are. The device also comes with dual audio modes: intercom and hands-free modes.

The feature not only allows you to see and hear what’s happening at your house but also lets you communicate with your loved ones via the built-in microphone and speaker.

Motion Detection

The camera is accompanied with a sensitive motion detection feature which detects even the slightest motion in a place. The feature provides high security to your house. The YI Home camera sends notifications on your mobile to alert you regarding any suspicious movements.

YI Dome Camera - Motion Detection

YI Cloud Storage


YI Cloud Service

The YI Home Camera is also accompanied by YI’s highly secured cloud service. The cloud stores 7-days activity footage for free. Then, you can subscribe to a Standard or a Premium Plan if you wish to continue using the cloud service. The local storage is a Class 4 and above and the camera also comes with an 8-32G Micro SD card.

Quick and Easy Installation

The setup and installation of the camera are very easy! All you need to do is download the YI Home app, plug in your power cable and tap the connect button on your Mobile/PC. Voila! Your real-time footage will now stream on your device.



1-year Warranty

YI Home 2 Camera 1080p comes with a one year warranty.



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Additional information



  • Size:122(H)*70(R)*59(W)
  • Weight: 132g
  • Material/Color:ABS industrial material, black/white
  • Processor:Ambarella Cortex-A9-600MHz: S2LM
  • RAM/ROM:8-32G Micro SD card
  • Steam:DDR3-2Gb; SLC-NAND FLASH 1Gb
  • Operating System :Linux
  • Supported APP :IOS/Android
  • Lens:F2.0 130° wide-angle
  • Image Sensor:1/2.8 inch(2.12MP) COMS image sensor
  • Video Streams:Max Support:1080P25fps,1.5Mbps(variable bit rate)
  • Video Encoding :h.264HP level 5,MJPEG,SmartAVC Ultra-low rate
  • Image Enhancing:3D Noise Reduction, 3A, 3D LUT Color Correction; WDR/HDR;
  • Infrared Night Vision:11 pcs 940nm infrared beads
  • Status Light:Powered/but not connected:Yellow light,WLAN Connection:Blue Light
  • Alert Information:Motion Detection/Body Shape Detection
  • Audio Coding:AAC-LC/LD , 16Kbit
  • Microphone:High Sensitivity Microphone
  • Speaker:CLASS-D :1W
  • Local Storage:Micro/TF CARD; CLASS-10; Support max 64GB;
  • Reset to Factory setting:Press Reset longer than 3 secs
  • WIFI 2.4GHz:
    • Working Mode: Station Mode, Self-adaption;
    • Working Center Frequency : 2450MHz
    • WIFI Working Frequency : 2412MHz – 2472 MHz
    • 2.4GHz Channels: 802.11/b,1-4; 802.11/g,6-13;
    • WIFI TX Power: 802.11/b=18dBm; 802.11g/n=16dBm
    • Modulate Data Rate : 1Mbps/2Mbps/5.5Mbps/11Mbps(DSSS); 6Mbps/7Mbps/9Mbps/12Mbps/18Mbps/24Mbps/36Mbps/48Mbps/54M bps(OFDM);
    • Encryption: AES/WEP 64bit/WEP 128bit/WAPI/WPA2