Openapp Latch Tag+



  • Your new travel buddy
  • Share access with trusted people
  • Protect your luggage – unlock with your smartphone
  • Quality fingerprint sensor to instantly read fingerprints
  • Small yet powerful – traditional looks, advanced performance delivery
  • Long battery life – charge for 2 hours to enjoy 60 days of uninterrupted usage
  • High quality aluminum alloy resists wear and tear, waterproof, unaffected by rain, dust and shine
  • 4 color variations to match every aesthetic – Yellow, Blue, Turquoise and Grey
  • Emergency jumpstart to easily unlock in case the lock runs out of charge
  • Privacy guaranteed with 128-bit advanced encryption
  • Can withstand great amounts of force and pressure
  • 1 year warranty
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Openapp Latch Tag+

Choose smart protection with the Openapp Latch Tag+






The Openapp Latch Tag+ is your new travel buddy. The world’s most exclusive smart travel padlock, the Openapp Latch Tag+ allows you to protect your luggage and unlock it through your smartphone, without any keys or pass-codes. Rest assured in the knowledge that all your belongings are in safe hands with the Openapp Latch Tag+.


The Openapp’s Latch Tag+ can also help you share access to your belongings by people you travel with, ensuring easy, seamless access along with unfailing protection. Now you can travel safely without having to worry about your luggage falling into the wrong hands with the Openapp Latch Tag+.


Small yet powerful, the Openapp’s Latch Tag+ gives you the same look and feel as your traditional locks; but is equipped with advanced technology that opens locks at the single touch of your finger. The Latch Tag+ facilitates seamless unlocking as it is equipped with an advanced fingerprint sensor that instantly reads your fingerprint and grants access without any lag.


The Openapp Latch Tag+ can be attached to any access point; including your school locker, toolbox, backpacks, sports gear, storage units and even your bicycles. With the Openapp’s Latch Tag+, you can now share access with the people you travel with; without having to go through the hassle of passing around and sharing keys, and having to worry about them getting lost.


Made with highly strong and resilient aluminium alloy that allows it to withstand great pressure without breaking; the Openapp Latch Tag+ ensures total protection from unauthorized access. It is also waterproof, unaffected by rain, dust or shine and is so smart that it can’t be picked either. The emergency jumpstart feature allows you to easily jumpstart your Openapp Latch Tag+ in case it runs out of charge by plugging it to a power source and gaining access as required.


Keeping your privacy in mind, the Openapp Latch Tag+ is designed to keep your data safe. Openapp complies with the highest standards of safety and quality; and restricts any unauthorized access to or usage of your personal data. You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Openapp Latch Tag+. For more information on the Openapp Latch Tag+ and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.




OpenApp Latch Tag+ - Small yet powerful



Small yet smart and powerful

The Openapp’s Latch Tag+ has a sleek, portable, carry friendly design; yet is strong, durable and sturdy enough to withstand great external pressure, ensuring maximum protection.

Give access to your friends and family

The Openapp’s Latch Tag+ can be shared with anyone you travel with. Avoid the hassles of sharing and exchanging physical keys and run the risk of losing them, with the Openapp’s Latch Tag+.


OpenApp Door Three - Remote Access





OpenApp Latch Tag+ - Tough Exterior





Tough build unaffected by external force


The Openapp’s Latch Tag+ is built with best quality aluminium alloy; that helps it withstand great amounts of external force or pressure. It also allows the Openapp’s Latch Tag+ to withstand wear and tear and protects it from the effects of rain, shine and dust. The Latch Tag+ is also too smart and strong to be picked by burglars; thus ensuring all-round protection for your luggage and storage units.


Live hassle-free with long battery life

Free yourself from the hassles of having to charge your smart lock because the Openapp’s Latch Tag+ has a super long battery life. Simply plug in the Latch Tag+ to a USB cable and charge for 2 hours to enjoy 60 days of uninterrupted usage!

OpenApp Latch Tag+ - Hassle free access





OpenApp Door Three - Security - Encryption




Designed to protect your privacy

We aim to make sure that you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your belongings are in safe hands. This is why we use advanced procedures and technology to protect your personal data from any unauthorised access.

Openapp does not store any data that it collects from you. Rest assured in the knowledge that Openapp follows and implements the highest levels of data security, compliance and quality standards; thus ensuring the safety and preventing the misuse of your data.


1-Year Hardware Warranty


With the purchase of the Openapp’s Latch Tag+, you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.


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