Aeotec Key Fob Remote



Four-button keyfob to control Z-Wave products


    • Trigger up to 8 scenes
    • Small, sleek and pocket-friendly design
    • Add, remove and control devices on Z-Wave network
    • Directly control multiple Z-Wave devices (using groups)
    • Available in legal Z-Wave IN frequency (865.2 MHz)
    • 1-year warranty

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Aeotec Key Fob Remote



Aeotec now offers you an alternative when it comes to controlling your devices. Aeotec’s Key Fob Remote is a Z-Wave remote controller that helps you control multiple home devices with a click of a button.



With Aeotec Key Fob Remote, you can include or exclude devices, set scenes, associations and get direct activation of up to 8 scenes.



Easy to control

By syncing it with Z-Wave gateway and then assigning individual devices or autopilot makes it easier to control.

Small in size

It is designed small and portable so that it is easier to carry around.

Aeotec Key Fob Remote


Aeotec Key Fob - Functionalities4 buttons with 8 functions

Key Remote may have 4 buttons but it can be used in many different ways. From direct control of multiple devices to direct activation of 8 scenes and to device configuration, it does it all.

Replaceable Battery

Key Remote is not rechargeable with the help of USB. But once the battery runs out of power it can be easily replaced. 

Zemote PM - Energy Savings
Aeotec Key Fob Remote - CompactFull Scene Control

With four buttons which can perform multiple scenes, Key Fob Remote can control multiple Z-Wave Devices.


Aeotec’s Key Fob Remote is sold to you with 1 year warranty.



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Additional information



  • Technology: Z-Wave transmitter (868.42MHz)
  • Device Control: Single button control of Z-Wave device groups
  • Device Scenes: Single button control of up to eight Z-Wave scenes
  • Distance: up to 30m indoors
  • Display: LED to confirm wireless operations
  • Local operation: 4 buttons plus mode button
  • Power supply: CR2450 3V Lithium Battery
  • Operating temperature: -10 C to 50 C.