Having pioneered the lighting industry for years, OSRAM has now arrived with its new and unique home automation lighting solutions under the LIGHTIFY brand.

The LIGHTIFY range of products offer a wide selection among lamps and luminaries, flexible LED strips and garden lights, thus providing users the solution for the perfect decor of the home interiors. The OSRAM LIGHTIFY will be your companion for every occasion and also meet all your lighting requirements and schedules based on your daily lifestyle.

The Wi-Fi connected LIGHTIFY systems from OSRAM are very easy to use and come with the company’s own dedicated app for one-touch operability.So let us quickly get started about how to setup OSRAM LIGHTIFY system. You can also check the official OSRAM LIGHTIFY guide or follow the instructions below.

Before getting started with the on-boarding procedure to setup OSRAM LIGHTIFY , you need to have:

  • Internet Connection
  • Wi-Fi (WLAN) router
  • Smart devices (Tablet or Smartphone)

Step 1: Once that you have ensured the pre-requisites, download the LIGHTIFY app on your Android/iOS devices.

Android App on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

Step 2: On the home screen of the LIGHTIFY App click on Get Started and scan the QR Code or enter the Serial Number both of which are located at the back of the LIGHTIFY gateway.

Step 3: Add your credentials like Name, Email ID and Password (with min 6 characters) and then click on “create my account”. You will receive an activation code to your Email ID. In case you don’t receive the email in the main folder, check your spam folder.

Step 4: Type-in the activation code and click on the next arrow button “–>”. 

Step 5: Plug-in your LIGHTIFY gateway and then again click on“–>”. After this, you will be navigated to a screen where you need to note the gateway password.

Step 6: Now go to the Wi-Fi settings page from your smart devices and and use this gateway information in order to connect your LIGHTIFY gateway to your Wi-Fi network. Click on“–>”.

Step 7: Select your Home Wi-Fi network and and enter your Wi-Fi password. Plug-in your LIGHTIFY bulbs or other LIGHTIFY products and switch-on. In-case they were already on, turn off and on again. Click on“–>”.

Step 8: After the LIGHTIFY product gets integrated to the system, it will blink once.

In addition to the ease of installation and operation, the good thing about the OSRAM LIGHTIFY products is that they are compatible with devices across different brands. [Read: How to Integrate OSRAM LIGHTIFY with Samsung SmartThings?]. With such integrations, you can use the LIGHTIFY range of products from OSRAM for several other applications like turning on your LIGHTIFY lights when you open the door, if a motion is detected or even in case if there is an unwanted intrusion taking place in your home.

In case you have more questions on the LIGHTIFY range of products, visit the company’s official FAQs page.