How to setup Amazon Echo?

Setup Amazon Echo

Source: Amazon

With the rapidly progressing technology, home automation is getting more interactive and user-friendly.

In addition to controlling all your devices just with one-touch smartphone operability, home automation devices come with voice recognition features, wherein you can actually talk to devices and request them to perform the function of your choice through voice commands.

Amazon has got one such device in the market called as the Amazon Echo, that comes baked-in with the company’s own virtual assistant “Alexa”.

By just calling Alexa…” , you can set your alarms, ask for your favourite music to be played, create your shopping list, call an Uber, order your favourite pizza and do much more. 

Here is a step-wise guide on how to setup Amazon Echo:

Step 1: Download the Amazon Alexa app on your Android/iOS device. [NOTE: This app is available only on phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 and above.]

Setup Amazon Echo - Google PlaySetup Amazon Echo - App Store

Step 2: You can also navigate straight away to from Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other browsers you can operate it via your Wi-Fi enabled Laptop/PC.

Step 3: Plug-in the power adapter to your Echo and the power outlet. The ring at the top will initially turn blue and later the Echo will greet you by making it orange.

Step 4: Just follow through all the instruction guided in your app and connect your Echo to your Wi-Fi network.. Still if your are getting problems to connect your Echo to your Wi-Fi, remove all connections, then again plug-in the Echo to your power outlets and repeat the procedure. 

Step 5: Once your Wi-Fi connection is established, talk to your Amazon Echo using your “wake word” which is preset as Alexa here. Though you can change the wake word by going to Setting–>Wake Word.

Once you have setup Amazon Echo, your daily companion Alexa will be there to look after your daily schedules and take care of a lot many things in your daily life. With the help of the Echo, your can create several other Home Automation recipes by integrating with IFTTT.