Learn how to create scenes and schedules using the LIFX App

Mood Lighting in home automation

Source: Pocket-lint

Controlling your LIFX Bulbs is all together a whole new experience. In addition to offering a remote accessibility to control your entire home lightings, LIFX bulbs gets you with variety of new scenes for your every occasion. Whether its having a great movie experience with your friends on a weekend, a party some evening, or a cozy book reading experience on your comfort-couch, LIFX has got everything that caters to your requirements.

Not only this, the LIFX bulbs are smart enough to schedule your room lightings based on your daily routine, and yes when you come home daily evening after a tiring long day, powering your home becomes no more a task.

Let’s learn how to create scenes and schedules with your LIFX bulbs in quick few steps. In case you might have just skipped the installation process, please go through our installation guide.

Creating Scenes

Step 1: To start with creating new scenes with your LIFX bulbs, make sure you have the latest version of the LIFX apps on your Android/iOS/Windows device.

Android App on Google PlayDownload on the App Store mobile-app-WS

Step 2: Its now easy to access new scenes and schedules just from the main LIFX screen. You just need to scroll down below the Lights and Groups tab.

Step 3: The Scene here will show you a mix of colors. Tapping it will set your LIFX bulbs to that particular Scene.

Step 4: To delete the scene, tap on the scene you wish to delete. On the new screen that comes up, select the Delete Screen option to the bottom to delete. To get a more clear idea, take a look at the video below that explains how to create and change scenes.

Creating Schedules

Step 1: First of all get the latest version of the LIFX apps on your Android/iOS/Windows device.

Android App on Google PlayDownload on the App Store mobile-app-WS

Step 2: On the My Home screen of your LIFX app, scroll down and and tap the + icon to add New Schedule.

Step3: Here you get an option to set the time for your schedule and the facility to choose the days you want to repeat your schedule. In addition, you can to activate the bulbs on-off at your own timing schedules and also choose to change to the new settings by activating bulbs on-off in an incremental range of 1-60 seconds.

Step 4: By tapping on the Light option, you can even choose to select a group of bulbs, scene and even individual bulbs to be scheduled.

Step 5: The  latest version of the app also offers options for some colors and whites, It also offers different brightness options by which you can set a bit different tones of the looks and see to it that the scenes don’t get repeated. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea.

Thus, LIFX bulbs offer you endless possibilities to create different mood options based on your imagination. You can even create/schedule your ‘wake up’ scene where the lights in your room turn to sun-light color or a ‘movie’ scene where all the lights get automatically dim to 38% of full brightness. Thus once you set your schedule in that manner, we are sure life is certainly going to be simpler and better for you. Lear more about the solar schedules here