How to Integrate LIFX with Amazon Echo?

Home Automation Intelligence these days is becoming more interactive and intuitive. In addition to offering users a unique lifestyle and comfort, it is becoming very much a part of own living taking care of your requirements just like your loved ones do. The beauty about Home Automation is that you can actually talk to the devices at your home and ask them to create a nice cozy, comfortable and safe surroundings for your secured living. Well, and who doesn’t like someone listening to you obediently and doing the tasks you want?

LIFX Bulbs offer you similar interactive experience reacting to your voice commands, when integrated with the Amazon Echo. The always-on virtual assistant “Alexa” of Amazon Echo is there to take care of you and would help you change your smart home lightings just on your voice-command of “Alexa, …….”. Once you are done with the setup and bringing your LIFX bulbs to your LIFX Cloud Account, follow the simple steps to integrate LIFX with Amazon Echo.

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest Alexa app installed to your device before integrating it with your LIFX bulbs. Open the Alex App and go to Smart Home>Device Links and tap on Link with LIFX. This will ask the details for your LIFX Clud account to authorize Alexa to gain access to your LIFX lights.

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Step 2: With your Alexa App open, just say “Alexa, discover devices”. Your lights will then be displayed under the Smart Home section of the Alexa App where you get an option to group from Alexa. Note that this group is different than the one in your LIFX Cloud Account, but you can have the same names for your simplicity.

Step 3: Just say “Turn my lights On/Off and you’re done”.

Step 4: [Optional] Under the Skills section of the Alexa app, enable the advanced LIFX Skill in order to control the LIFX colors and groups. Once done, ask “Alexa, ask LIFX what can i do with my lights?” and Alexa will offer several control options with the skill. In case, Alexa fails to recognize your voice command, she will go back and offer suggestions based on your group names and suggest actions you can execute with Alexa.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea as to how Alexa responds to your voice commands to control your LIFX bulbs.

Such a wonderful feature that the LIFX bulbs offer to pair and integrate with external devices gives users the flexibility to create a living of their own choice. In a similar way, your LIFX bulbs can be paired to other external devices like Samsung SmartThings and can function for your security features like turning the lights on in case of unwanted movements found, or turning on the bed lamps at night on detecting your motion.