Wozart Aura Switch


  • Control, monitor and automate your appliances and lights
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Samsung SmartThings
  • Easy DIY installation and simple to use
  • Wi-Fi enabled, no hub required
  • Scheduling based on time & geo-location.
  • Scene control & sharing
  • Controls 4 switches
  • Fits inside the standard wall switchboard
  • 1- year full replacement warranty


Meet the Aura Switch

Wozart Aura Switch is a modular, retrofit and wireless smart home device that can fit behind any standard switchboard, and gives you the freedom to control, monitor, and automate any connected appliances in your home, from anywhere in the world.

Voice Control

Wozart’s Aura switch is compatible with most popular voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby. Say simple commands like “Turn on the lights” or “Goodnight” and watch your home respond.

App Control

You can control, monitor & automate connected appliances. You can add, remove and edit connected loads and personalize the complete solution to your preferences all from the app.


Set your home on auto-pilot mode by scheduling frequently used appliances such as Geysers, Air conditioners, Lights and many more. Attend to important things in your life while Aura takes care of your home.

Mood-based routines

Set your favorite choice of ambiance by creating scenes and control multiple appliances and lights with one single tap or a command. Be it an exciting game night or a house party, you can set your desired ambiance in a flash.

Location-based triggers

With Aura installed, Your Home can sense when you arrive or leave and prepare itself as per your preference. You can automatically trigger appliances and lights based on your geo-location.

Shared Access

You can now invite your family and friends to share the joy of connected living. It is as easy as sending an email..

Data security and reliability

We use iCloud and AWS for our data storage and ensure uninterrupted usage and secure data infrastructure. All devices to device and device to cloud communication are encrypted with the best systems available.

Over the Air Updates

Aura is designed to get smarter and better with time receiving the Over the Air Updates without need for change in hardware. It will remain a future-proof and durable automation device.

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