SmartNode 2NL Module



Control up to 2 appliances from your smartphone


  • Loads Distribution
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Mounting inside switchboards
  • Works with 2 x Heavy Loads (A.C, Geyser, etc.)
  • Compatible with SmartNode Touch Switches & Traditional Switches
  • Power mode feature in case of any power-cuts
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Operational Range 100V- 240V
  • 3 years warranty


SmartNode 2NL Module

Control Your Favourite Appliances From Your Phone with Smart Nodes






We believe in a master key. But have you ever thought, what will it be like to possess a master switch as well? A switch that is capable enough to operate all your operations at the click of a button. It indeed is a reality now! 


With the SmartNode 2NL, it’s possible to automate and control up to two regular load appliances and control it from your phone or voice-assistants like Google Home or Amazon AlexaIt comes with great in-built hallmarks to govern the electrical appliances’ intensity, scheduling, and even locking the devices connected with it. 


The best part about SmartNode’s range of wireless products is that they can be connected directly to your home router, mitigating the need for a hub or gateway. They also don’t require an active Internet connection to operate, when you’re inside your home. When you’re outside, you can control all your devices using the SmartNode app, available on App Store and the Play Store. 





SmartNode 2NL Module - One click



One-Click, Multiple Tasks

Gone are the days when every task had an individual switch. Added operations can be executed at just one single click with the help of a standard controller.


Set a schedule without any hassle that too to each load swiftly turn on/off to your lighting device at any time of the day. And never worry about scheduling a similar time over and over again as repeat mode is also available. A total of 25 schedules can be set in one lighting device independently of the internet.



SmartNode 2NL Module - Scheduling




SmartNode 2NL Module - Physical Control




Physical access can be restricted either by switch or application with the help of on and off mode. Once the switch is locked, the load can no longer work be operated manually from the switch.



You can now automatically turn on your lights when you are about to reach home, and turn them off when you leave home using Geo-fencing capabilities.


SmartNode 2NL Module Geofencing




SmartNode App



Live Notifications

Prompt notification pop-ups when there is any change executed to the schedules in the device state.


Power State

The feature of the power state will help you to dim the lights up when required. And this can be done in the on and off states both. When on, it will automatically save electricity on power-cut mode. And when off, the state of the loads and the dimming will run through the saved power-cut and work in off condition.




Energy Savings





SmartNode 2NL Module - Voice Control



Voice Control

Every appliance connected to SmartNode modules is fully compatible with voice-enabled devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It can be utilized for home automation in switching on/off the lights, regulating the fan’s speed, all using a human voice.

No Hub Required

You don’t need to buy an external gateway or hub to control the SmartNode modules. You can pair it up directly with your Wi-Fi router (2.4 GHz), and start controlling it from your smartphone.




3-years warranty

SmartNode products come with a standard 1-year manufacturer replacement warranty, which covers you against any hardware defects or failures. Additionally, SmartNode also offers a 2-year repairable warranty (at extra cost), thereby covering you for a total of 3 years.


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