Fibaro Starter Kit 865.2 MHz Indian Frequency


  • 1x Fibaro Home Center 2 + 1x Fibaro Motion Sensor + 1x Fibaro Door/Window Sensor + 1x Fibaro Relay + 1x Fibaro Dimmer + 1x Fibaro RGBW Controller
  • Sensors fit inside switchboard
  • Control/dim lights from your smartphone
  • Change colour of ambience (RGBW strips)
  • Door and motion sensing
  • Automatically pull up/down your curtains
  • Programmable scenes with predefined timing
  • Interactive voice-control (iOS/Android)
  • Z-Wave IN (865.2 MHz) Frequency
  • 1 year guarantee/warranty

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The Fibaro starter Kit for Home Automation is designed to give you first-hand and wholistic experience of all the sections that can be covered over within Home Automation right from Lighting Control to Security. You can further extend this experience by introducing similar more sensors across your home and pairing up with the existing Home Center 2 Unit.
This Fibaro Starter Kit package offers One Fibaro Home Center 2 + One Fibaro Motion Sensor + One Fibaro Door/Window Sensor + One Fibaro Relay + One Fibaro Dimmer + One Fibaro RGBW Controller
Let us take a look at the functioning of each of these things

Fibaro Home Center 2  –  The Brain of the Fibaro Ecosystem

The Fibaro Home Center 2 is the main controller and the central controlling unit of the entire Fibaro Ecosystem. Any action take by the user, will be processed through the Fibaro Home Center 2 before taking place. Similarly, any activity registered by the Fibaro sensors will be informed to the user via the Home Center 2.
The Home Center 2 interface is very user friendly and helps you to integrate multiple Fibaro devices, create events, create and schedule scenes and much more.


Home Center 2 Aluminum casing

Exclusive Aluminium casing

Fibaro has put a lot of emphasis on the build quality and styling of its devices. The Fibaro Home Center 2 comes with a elegant aluminium casing.

Quick and Efficient Hardware

Its Z-Wave communication technology enables faster transfer of communication data between its devices and results in quicker responses. Additionally, the HC2 has a special recovery disc holding the system data backup and prevents the risk of unauthorised access to the system.

The installation process is quite simple and very user friendly.

Home Center 2 Easy Installation
Home Center 2 Devices Panel

Easy “Devices Panel” Integration and Control

HC2 enables easy control over group of devices having similar functionality. For e.g. garden watering, heating, air-conditioning. The Devices Panel lets you easily operate group of devices and schedule events based on the time of the day.


This facility gives users the ability to track their loved ones and gives the ultimate peace-of-mind. With this feature, you can know where your child is without the need to call them frequently.

Home Center 2 Geolocalisation

Fibaro Motion Sensor with Multipurpose Functionality

The Fibaro Motion Sensor is basically a multi-purpose sensor that apart from its basic functionality of detecting motion, also helps you determine temperature, ambient light, detect earthquake and much more.



The Fibaro Motion sensor can be used as a Multipurpose sensor that helps you detect the acceleration with its built-in accelerometer, senses temperature and also measure the ambient light.

LED Color inform about the movement and tempretaure

The multicolour LED pupil of the FIBARO Motion Sensor informs family members if it has detected any motion or the current temperature of a room. Set the colour and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room, you will know what the temperature is there.


Intelligent Object Recognition

The Fibaro Motion Sensor is capable enough to detect even the slightest of motion. Based on your individual needs or on the particular locations, you can even set the motion detection sensitivity within the sensor as per your requirement.

Reminds you for setting up the Alarm!

The Fibaro Motion Sensor also detects the lack of motion and informs you about it. This means that if you left your home in a hurry and skipped to turn off the lights or arm the alarm you will be informed about it by the Motion sensor.


Fibaro Relay Switch for automatic control of your home appliances

Experience the convenience of controlling your home appliances wirelessly with the Fibaro Relay Switch and control electrical loads up to a capacity of 2.5KW or 10A with ease. With the Fibaro Relay Switch, you can control any kind of appliances like ACs, TV, fans, lightings, boiler and much more.

This way you can turn ON/OFF any appliances in your home just with a touch of your fingertips.

Some of the features for the Fibaro Relay Switch are:

  • Single relay switch capable of operating a load of up to 2.5KW (10A)
  • Requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation
  • Can use mains or alternative power supply for load (including DC)
  • Works with AC power supply only (110-230V AC)
  • Second switch input for controlling additional associated devices or 2-way installations (see note)

Bring lights to life with the Fibaro RGBW Controller

The Fibaro RGBW Controller Module will help you create multi-coloured mood lightings using the multi-coloured  LED Strips. It supports the traditional RGB channel as well as an support to additional white channel and help you explore the infinite variety from the color spectrum. The controller module can take input from upto four analog input channels and also offers dimming control.


RGBW Control

The Fibaro RGBW Controller supports endless possibilities of color LED lighting. Scroll through the color wheel and choose the right color for your mood, right from the warm and relaxing shades to the party shades. Also, you can set different colors to alert you for specific things.

Analog Sensors

The Fibaro RGBW Controller has got upto four Analog Sensor Inputs. These inputs lets you to control lightings and also report different information from various kind of sensors like light, humidity, temperature, wind speed, rainfall etc.


4-Channel Dimmer (12/24V LEDs)

Control the intensity of your lights as per your need with the Fibaro RGBW Controller. This wireless dimmer also enables you to control up to four independent channels with 12/24V LED light source without any kind of modifications.

Live Power Monitoring

The Fibaro Controller offers the facility of monitoring the energy consumption of the RGBW LED Strips with the flexibility to monitor each independent channel. It provides all the information you need and help you minimise your energy bills.


Fibaro Smoke Sensor – Your guard against smoke

The Fibaro Smoke sensor features a very compact and aesthetic design and soon alerts the user regarding any threat discovered using the multi-colored RGB LED diode and a built-in siren. The grill design on its sides help for faster and quicker detection of smoke, that is guided uniquely to its inner chamber and allows for a quicker reaction.

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can also work as a Z-Wave signal tester and the built-in LED will change it color based on the signal strength.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor Temperature Sensing

Not just a smoke sensor

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor comes with an additional feature of temperature sensing. Apart from being just a smoke sensor, it is also senses sudden changes in temperature. Sometimes it might be possible that there is not enough smoke sensed to trigger the alarm, but the temperature goes high.

Any rise in temperature above 54 degree will be detected by the sensor and an threat alert will be raised.

One Sensor, Many Possibilities

The Fibaro Smoke sensor is compatible with various wired or wireless alarm systems. It can be either be powered directly or battery powered that gives user the flexibility to place it at the place of their choice. The battery gives a uninterrupted working of 3 long years.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor Battery Powered
Fibaro Smoke Sensor Scene configuration

Configure with other Devices

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can be configured to work in synchrony with other devices of the Fibaro Ecosystem. The Smoke Sensor can report to the HC2 soon to take action in case of any fire breaks-in.

With one touch configuration, you can open blinds, doors, windows, light up the escape pathway and much more.


Make Light Dimming and Control Easy with the Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2


The Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 lets you have and wireless access and control your home lights easily from a smartphone or a laptop/PC through the Fibaro interface. The Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 module is nicely designed such that it snugly fits at the back of your switch boards and the connections are easy to be made ( check videos in the tutorials section).

This means that irrespective of the home architecture, you can easily fit your Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 without damaging the existing infrastructure. It also measures the amount of power that is being used and reports the same to the Z-Wave system. It also offers Over-the-Air upgrading, extended battery life and increased range.

Based on the type of bulb being used, the Z-Wave Dimmers 2 can work with any light source.

  • Works with230V halogen,incandescent bulbs, dimmable LEDS and 12V halogen.
  • Detects the bulb type and adapts the dimming behaviour:
    • Trailing-edge dimming – incandescent and halogen bulbs (resistive)
    • Trailing-edge dimming – LEDs and other resistive-capacitive bulbs
    • Leading-edge dimming – transformers and other resistive-inductive loads
  • On/Off mode – supports non-dimmable loads (3-wire installation)
  • Monitors and reports power – instantaneous (W) and accumulated power (KWh)
  • Auto-off Timer – turns lights off after programmed time period
  • Maximum load 250W (resistive), 225VA (resistive-inductive) and 200VA (resistive-capacitive)
  • Supports 2-wire (no neutral) and 3-wire installations
  • Second switch input for controlling additional associated devices or 2-way installations
  • Various switch types – momentary (default), toggle, 1-way and 2-way

Fibaro Universal Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro Door:Windows Sensor 02

The Fibaro Universal Door/Window Sensor looks and monitors the status(open/close) of your main doors, windows or gates. This way you can ensure the security of your home by monitoring the status of your sensor. The Door/Window sensor can be used for automatic light control and other protective systems. The same module can also work as a temperature sensor.

The Fibaro Universal Door/Window sensor is battery operated, compact in design and thus very easy to install. You can always monitor its battery status from the Home Center 2. In case of low power condition, the user will get a notification for the battery replacement. Normally, in regular use, the battery is expected to last easily for a period of two years. Also, the door/window sensor is capable of receiving on-the-go wireless updates when available.

Here are some of the additional functionalities that the sensor can perform.


Reed Sensor

When used as a reed sensor, the door/window sensor reports the open/close status of any door or windows to the HC2 and can be used to trigger an alarm if needed or control other components of the Fibaro system.

As for example you can turn on your living room lights when you come home and just trigger the main door sensor by opening the door. Similarly, you can also use it to trigger the alarm in case any intruder breaks-in.

Wireless Entry Sensor

Connect the input of the door/window sensor with a conventional electrical switch and wirelessly control other components of your Fibaro system. This helps the user to place the switch at any unplanned location without the need to lay cables or disturb your interiors.


Temperature Sensor

Connect the door/window sensor with a DS18B20 temperature sensor. Once done, you can accurately determine the temperature of the place. It can also collect the necessary information and provide automatic ventilation to the room without excessively cooling it.

It can also be used for planning of the temperature profile at the heating point.

Pre Programmed Scenes Switch

The Fibaro Universal Door/Window sensor can be used to trigger some pre programmed scenes. You just need a Fibaro module that is installed previously in an electrical devices that is capable of running the scene.

Connect the door/window sensor with some other Fibaro sensor like a motion sensor or any traditional light switch.


Easy Control of Home Appliances with Fibaro Wall Plug

Wirelessly control all of your home appliances through your smartphone or tablet devices with the help of Fibaro Wall Plug. The Fibaro Wall Plug is intelligent and monitors the amount of electrical power consumed by your connected devices. It also shows the data of power consumption across days or weeks and even helps you to test the range of your Z-Wave network.

Easy Installation and Operation

The Fibaro Wall Plug is very easy and handy to install. Just put the Wall Plug in your socket, connect your electrical appliance to it and just press the “B” button on your Wall Plug to add it to your Z-Wave network. And you’re done!!


Intelligent Power Management

The Fibaro Wall Plug is aesthetically designed and features a LED ring that notifies the users about the amount of power consumed by changing its color. With the increase in power consumption, the color transits from blue to green and finally from red to violet. It can also trigger an alarm in case the power consumption goes above a preset limit.


Energy Monitoring

The Fibaro Wall Plug sends real-time data to your main controller about the power consumed. You can then see and analyse the data and take proper decision to conserve energy. The Wall Plug also give stats for the top 5 energy consuming devices.


Z-Wave Network Range Tester

The Fibaro Wall Plug is smart and intelligent to help you test the range of your Z-Wave network. Press the button on the plug’s casing for few seconds and the LED ring will turn purple indicating that the plug is in test mode. After some time the LED ring will change its color informing you about the strength of the Z-Wave signal at that point of test.


Additional information



Fibaro Solutions

Fibaro Home Center 2

  • Wireless: Z-Wave
  • Antenna: External High Gain
  • Network Interface: 10/100/1000Base-T (Gigabit) Ethernet via RJ45 connector
  • Processor: Intel Atom (1.6GHz)
  • Memory: 1GB SDRAM + 2GB SLD Hard Drive
  • WLAN: Connects to Wi-Fi Router via Ethernet cable
  • Expansion: USB for Recovery Disc (mini USB Drive)
  • Power: 9-12VDC (Power Supply included)
  • LEDS: Power, Status, Ethernet, WLAN and Z-Wave
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 225 x 185 x 44mm

Fibaro Motion Sensor

  • Power Supply: CR123A battery, 3.0 VDC (battery included)
  • EU directive compliance: LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC, RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • Recommended installation height: 2,4m
  • Operational Temperature: 0 - 40degree C*
  • Measured Temperature Range: -20 to 100 degree C
  • Temperature Measuring Accuracy: 0,5 degree C (within 0o C-40o C range)
  • Light Intensity Measuring Range: 0 - 32000 LUX
  • Radio Protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Radio Frequency: 868.4, 869.85 MHz EU; 908.4, 916.0 MHz US; 921.4, 919.8 MHz ANZ; 869.0 MHz RU;
  • Range: up to 50 m outdoors; up to 40 m indoors (depending on terrain and building structure)

Fibaro Relay Switch 1*2.5KW

  • Power Source 110 - 240V~, 50/60Hz,
  • Max. AC output (resistive loads only): 10A / 110 - 240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Max. power output (resistive loads only): 2,5kW, 110 - 240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 35o C
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes Ø ≥ 50mm, depth ≥ 60mm
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave
  • Radio Frequency 868,4 MHz EU; 908,4 MHz US; 921,4 MHz ANZ; 869,0 MHz RU
  • Antenna range: up to ca. 50 meters outdoor, or up to 30 meters inside (depends on building structure)
  • Outside dimensions (L x W x H) 42mm x 38mm x 20mm.

Fibaro RGBW Controller

  • Technology: Z-Wave
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Maximum Output Current:
    • 12A - sum of all output channels
    • 6A - for a single channel
  • Maximum Load:
    • 144W (at 12VDC)
    • 288W (at 24VDC)
  • Load Type: 12/24V LED or Halogen bulbs
  • Inputs: 4x (binary or 0-10V)
  • Outputs 4x PWM
  • Power Consumption: < 0.3W
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 17mm

Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2

  • Power source 230V +/- 10%, 50Hz
  • Output power: 50-250W (resistive load)
  • Rated load current: 0.25A - 1.1A
  • Overcurrent protection: required external 10A circuit breaker
  • Ambient temperature: 0o C – 35o C
  • To be mounted in standard wall switch boxes Ø ≥ 50mm
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave Plus
  • Radio frequency: 868.42 MHz or 869.85 MHz EU; 908.4 MHz or 916 MHz US; 921.4 MHz or 919.8 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU;
  • Outside dimensions (L x W x H): 42.5 x 38.25 x 20.3mm
  • Compliant with EU directives: RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

  • Powered by single ER14250 battery (battery included)
  • Inputs - single, IN • number of DS sensors supported - 1
  • Ambient temperature - 0 - 40o C
  • Radio frequency: 868.42 MHz or 869.85 MHz EU; 908.4 MHz or 916 MHz US; 921.4 MHz or 919.8 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU;
  • EU standards compliance: RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC
  • Operating range - up to 40 m indoors; up to 50 m outdoors,
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 76 x 17 x 19 mm

Fibaro Wall Plug

  • Power Source 110 - 230 V AC ±10% 50/60Hz,
  • Rated operational output voltage: 11A/230V AC 50/60Hz - continuous load,
  • Power consumption: up to 0,8W,
  • Output power for resistive loads: 2,5 kW continuous load,
  • In accordance with UE standards: EN 55015 (noise), EN 60669-2-1 (operational safety), RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2006/95/EC, EMC 2004/108/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC
  • Circuit temperature limit: 105°C,
  • Operational temperature: 0 - 40 °C,
  • For use with sockets (Compatible with each EU plug: - CEE 7/16 - max load. 2,5A; - CEE 7/17 - max load 16A; - and dual type plugs E/F),
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave Plus,
  • Radio frequency: 868.42 MHz or 869.85 MHz EU; 908.4 MHz or 916 MHz US; 921.4 MHz or 919.8 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU; • Antenna range: up to 50 m outdoors / up to 40 m indoors (depending on building materials),
  • Dimensions (D x H): 43 x 65 mm.

Fibaro Home Center 2

Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen 5

Fibaro Relay Switch

Fibaro RGBW Controller

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro Wall Plug

Fibaro Home Center 2

Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen 5

Fibaro Motion Sensor Inclusion

Fibaro Motion Sensor Reset

Fibaro Motion Sensor Range Test

Fibaro Motion Sensor WakeUp

Fibaro Motion Sensor Detection Modes

Fibaro Relay Switch

Fibaro Relay Switch Installation

Fibaro Relay Switch Inclusion

Fibaro RGBW Controller

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Fibaro Smoke Sensor Inclusion


Smoke Sensor Reset

Smoke Sensor Range Test

Smoke Sensor Wakeup

Smoke Sensor Menu Navigation

Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2

Fibaro Dimmer Installation

Fibaro Dimmer Installation without N Lead

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Inclusion


Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Reset


Fibaro Door/Window Sensor Wake Up

Fibaro Wall Plug

Fibaro Wall Plug Manual Inclusion


Fibaro Wall Plug Reset


Fibaro Wall Plug Rage Test