Yale YDME90

An advanced Door Lock for an ultimate security of your home and family.

  • Entry access (Biometric, PIN, RF Card & Mechanical Key Override)
  • LCD Screen – Displays date, time, user ID access and audit trail
  • Strong Mortise Lock
  • Low Battery and emergency backup
  • Anti-Panic Egress
  • Internal Forced lock
  • Hidden Key Hole
  • Stylish and sleek design to enhance your entrance
  • High Quality SS Finish
  • Advanced security features


Yale YDME90

Get smarter access solutions with the Yale Digital Door locks. The Yale YDME90 locks present you advanced security features combined with four in one home access solutions.

Strong security features such as the Anti Panic Egress combined with the sophisticated design of the Yale YDME90 lock, make it a popular smart access solution for your home.

Making use of superior technology, the Yale YDME90 locks combine advances in technology with the best in class aesthetics to bring you locks that satisfy your every need.

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Yale YDME90

Multiple access options

The YDME90 lock can store upto 37 different fingerprints as well as 78 different user codes. 30 different RFID cards may also be stored in the lock memory. You may also access your home with 3 mechanical keys for emergency access, provided with the YDME90 lock.

A record of all your security changes at your fingertips

A backlit LCD screen gives you a detailed audit trail of all your security related access changes. With the YDME90 lock, you can view an audit trail of up to 600 records on the LCD screen. Along with an audit trail, the LCD screen also displays user ID access as well as the date and time.

Yale YDME90

Low Battery Notifications and Emergency Power Backup

The Yale YDME90 system alerts you with an alarm and an LED when the system runs low on power. Emergency power may be provided to the Yale YDME90 system through a standard 9V battery, in case the batteries get completely discharged.

Yale YDME90

Anti Panic Egress

To ensure the safety and security of your family, the YDME90 lock also has an anti panic egress option that gets automatically unlocked from inside the house. The lock gets unlocked from inside with the help of a lever handle, making it a perfect solution in case of emergencies.

Yale YDME90

Advanced Security Features

The YDME90 locks feature a hidden key hole on the panel of the locks, ensuring limited access to your home. An internal forced lock system further enhances the security of your house.

Yale YDME90

Sophisticated Design

The Yale YDME90 lock has a sleek, sophisticated design that also adds to the look and feel of your front door. The high quality SS finish of the YDME90 lock gives your front door an aura of class and elegance.

Easy Installation

Yale YDME90 fits into any door with a latch-based mechanism. It can either be installed by a professional or you can even follow these steps to fix it yourself.

Yale YDME90 installation

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

With the Yale YDME90 locks, you are also offered with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring that you get the most out of our products.

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