SmartNode RGB Module



Change your mood, change your lighting


  • Choose from 16 million colors
  • Sync with other SmartNode Products
  • Works with standard RGBW strip (12V)
  • Control from anywhere with SmartNode App
  • Voice integration with Alexa and Google Home
  • Compatible with Samsung SmartThings
  • 3-years manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to install


SmartNode RGB Module


Light up Your Mood with SmartNode RGB Module

The RGB Mood Light Module by SmartNode allows you to set the ambience of your home to any splash of colour that you can imagine. Compatible with any standard RGBW strip, SmartNode’s RGB Mood LIght controller allows you to choose from 16 million colours and set your home ambience to exactly the colour that you want. 

The smart RGB controller also allows you to customize the colours, patterns, and hues of the lights to create custom scenes with lightning. What’s more? You can even pair it up with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, apart from accessing it from SmartNode’s iOS & Android application.

SmartNode RGB module doesn’t require any hub or gateway, and it can connect directly with your home router. It’s extremely easy to install, and comes with an out-of-box 1 year replacement + 2 years repairable manufacturer warranty. 

Experiment With Shades

Easily create custom scenes and pick colours, patterns and hues of the lights you wish to see and choose from over 16 million colour variants. Mix and match the shades of colours and effortlessly alter colour warmness and dimness and enhance your home’s ambience.


SmartNode RGB Module - Million Shades




No Hub required

Don’t bother to connect to a Hub or Controller; SmartNode RGB controller can be paired up directly with a compatible Wi-Fi router (2.4 GHz).


Works With Other SmartNode Devices

You can integrate the SmartNode RGB controller with other smart devices in the SmartNode family. With this you can create highly customized scenes and scenarios for your home.

SmartNode Products


FeaturesHassle-Free Installation

Remodel your conventional home into a smart home within less than an hour— instant and seamless installation procedure.

3-years warranty

SmartNode products come with a standard 1-year manufacturer replacement warranty, which covers you against any hardware defects or failures. Additionally, SmartNode also offers a 2-year repairable warranty (at extra cost), thereby covering you for a total of 3 years.





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