Corvi Surface 8 3000 Lumens


  • Dimmable light
  • 150 lumens per watt
  • Energy efficient- 20W
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Excellent bright lighting (3000 lumens)
  • Rustproof and fluctuation proof
  • Zero maintenance required
  • For both homes & offices
  • Easy to install





Corvi Surface 8 – 3000 Lumens





Corvi Surface 8 is a dimmable spot LED light with a super bright light of 3000 lumens and is highly energy efficient by consuming only 20W of energy.

With its stylish design and sleek, you can never stop yourself from admiring its beauty. It looks perfectly fine and compact when it sits in your home. It is highly energy efficient and won’t cost you an extra dollar behind electricity bills. With its wonderfully super bright lighting (3000 lumens) it still consumes such a small amount of energy that will help you save tonnes of dollars. This dimmable LED light strip is glare-free and non-straining so that your eyes will never hurt looking at the vibrant lights. Corvi Surface 8 requires zero maintenance and is very easy to install in your home. You can get started in no time and without any hassle.



Dimmable Lights

Surface 8 is a smart and compact dimmable tube light that comes with a lifetime warranty and uses only 150 lumens per watt of energy to save it as much as possible and give out the brightest light.


Smart Lighting



Corvi Surface 8


Sleek and Stylish

Corvi Surface 8 is a stylish dimmable tube light which looks compact and smarter in your home. Its sleek body makes it look even stylish than any other tube light.

Brighter Lights

Fill your home with the brightest lights by Corvi Surface 8 in your home. It comes to you with 3000 lumens of brightness which brings a heavenly look in your entire house.

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Energy Savings


Energy Efficient

Corvi Surface 8 is an energy efficient LED light that saves tonnes of energy. With such a vibrant light and excellent performance, it uses only 20W of energy. It uses only 150 lumens per watt to more and more energy.

Glare-free and Non-Straining Experience

Corvi’s Surface 8 gives you a completely glare-free and non-straining experience so that your eyes stay protected in the vibrant bright lights. Corvi thinks about you and wants to keep you happy without harming your health.

Continuous Recording




Zero Maintenance

The Surface 8 LED tube light does not require any kind of maintenance and can work perfectly fine without any hassle.

Rustproof and Fluctuation proof

All Corvi products are completely rustproof and fluctuation proof which means they are fully protected from rust and damage caused by any other substance that will hamper their performance.

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Corvi Surface 8


Lifetime Warranty

Corvi Surface 8 is available to you with a lifetime warranty which means whenever you have a problem with it and at any time, Corvi is listening to you and solves all your problems.




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Additional information


  • Light output: 3000 Lumens*
  • 20 Watts
  • Dimension: 160 x 160 x 27
  • Power Factor >0.97
  • CRI > 80