Corvi Spot 4


  • Built-in driver
  • Dimmable downlight
  • Award-winning product
  • 50 years of life expectancy
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Glare-free and non-straining experience
  • For both homes and offices
  • Bright light- 750 lumens
  • Requires false ceilings
  • 4-inch round cut-out
  • Lifetime warranty





Corvi Spot 4




Corvi Spot 4 is an award-winning dimmable spotlight which can be installed only on false ceilings and can be used for homes, offices, commons rooms, conference halls, as panel lights or as ceiling lights, etc.

It has a stunning bright light of 750 lumens and gives you a glare-free or non-straining experience so that the brightness of the light doesn’t hurt your eyes when you look at it. With its sleek and stylish design, anybody can’t just stop themselves to bring Corvi to their home to make their place look even fancier than ever. Its 4-inch round cut-out makes it look like a perfect dimmable spotlight. Corvi Spot 4 comes to you with an unbelievable 50-year life expectancy and lifetime warranty, which is more than what anybody would expect from a spotlight. Most amazingly, this spotlight requires zero maintenance; which means you would never have to look back at it after you have installed it.




Stylish Design

Corvi Spot 4 has got a smart and stylish look. Also, because of its perfect 4-inch round cut-out, it looks much fancier compared to other spotlights.


Corvi Spot 4



LIFX Outdoor BR30 - Wonderfull Bright


Excellent Brightness

This spotlight has got a wonderfully bright light of 750 lumens.

Glare-free and Non-straining Experience

With its glare-free experience, you can never let your eyes hurt or strain even in the brightest light of this spotlight.

Continuous Recording


Corvi Spot - Features


Longer Lifespan

Corvi Spot 4 comes with an unbelievably long lifespan of 50 years, which is extremely wonderful about this spotlight.

For Homes and Offices

Corvi Spot 4 is useful for any kind of rooms or can be used as any kind of light and for any purpose. Use it in your home, office, conference hall, commons rooms, restrooms, living rooms or as panel lights or ceiling lights. Also, this spotlight required false ceilings.

Office Use




Zero Maintenance

This spotlight requires absolutely no maintenance and never lets you spend even an extra penny during its lifetime.

Lifetime Warranty

Corvi products have got a jaw-dropping and unmatched lifetime warranty for all of their products.






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Additional information


  • Light output: 750 Lumens*
  • Watts: 5 Watts
  • Dimension: Ø100 x 56
  • Power Factor >0.97
  • CRI > 80
  • IP - 54