AquaBrim Level Indicator / Alarm: Ripple


  • Wireless: requires no wiring from roof tank/ underground tank to controller unit
  • Can detect water supply up to  50 meters distance from the motor
  • Designed to automatically control motors that draw water from the municipality line
  • Real time remote monitoring of motor, smart data gathering for analysis of system performance and operation
  • Automatic Motor controller : auto start on detection of water supply in the main line; auto stop when tank is full or if supply is interrupted (Timer option available)
  • Water search button – motor searches for water in the main line and fills the tank when turned on; motor is turned off when the tank is full
  • LED indicator with alarm for indicating 3 levels of water (empty, full, overflow)
  • Dry Run Protection: motor stopped automatically if water flow in overhead tank is interrupted for more than 2 minutes
  • Scale, rust and maintenance free level sensors
  • One year warranty
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AquaBrim Level Indicator / Alarm: Ripple


Rest assured with uninterrupted water supply with the AquaBrim Level Indicator / Alarm: Ripple








The AquaBrim Level Indicator/Alarm: Ripple is a smart wireless water level controller that is designed to monitor and control the motor that draws water directly from the municipal supply line. The smart sensors installed in the AquaBrim Ripple system provide real time detection of water supply in the main, with an option of adding a timer function to it as well.


The AquaBrim Level Indicator: Ripple also includes an LED that lights up to indicate 3 levels of water (low, full and overflow) in your tank, the water flow in the tank as well as the water supply in the main line. An alarm also sends out a buzzing sound when the LED lights up. The AquaBrim Level Indicator is a wireless system that does not require any wiring to connect the display unit to your tanks. The AquaBrim Ripple also provides remote monitoring through wifi to provide you with real time system performance and operation.


The Water Search feature allows you to manually push a button to start the motor and fill in the water tank if water is available in the main line; turning off the motor automatically once the tank is full.  With the AquaBrim Level Indicator/Alarm: Ripple, you now have the added advantage of extra protection for your motors as the AquaBrim Ripple turns your motors off instantly; if the voltage supply falls outside the range of 170 to 250V.


The AquaBrim Level Indicator/Alarm: Ripple automatically detects the level of water in your overhead tank, sump tank and your underground tank; and turns the motors on and off automatically, without needing any human intervention. The AquaBrim Ripple can also automate your borewell motors and submersible pumps to give you the most hassle-free, convenient experience.


The transmitters installed in the AquaBrim Level Indicator/Alarm: Ripple are powered by AA-size batteries; which last more than 4 years, while the indicator itself does not require any external power source. You are also provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the AquaBrim Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple. For more information on the AquaBrim Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple and to learn more about the features of the product, click here.







Aquabrim Level Indicator Ripple - Avoid Water Overflow




Automatic Motor Controller

The AquaBrim Ripple starts the motor whenever water supply is detected in the main line. The motor is also stopped automatically when the flow of water in the tank is interrupted or if the tank gets full.

Automatically starts and stops motor

The AquaBrim Level Indicator automatically signals the motor to power on; when the water level in your overhead tank drops below 50%. The motor is also automatically turned off the moment the tank becomes completely full. While filling the overhead tank, if the water level in the  underground falls below 20%, the motor is turned off automatically. It is then restarted again if the water in the underground tank is at least 30%.




Aquabrim Ripple - Automatic On or Off Motor





Aquabrim Indicator Alarm Ripple - Product




Smart LED indicator and alarm

The AquaBrim Ripple includes an LED indicator that lights up to indicate low level of water, tank full and tank overflow states in your tank; the status of water flow in the tank as well as the water supply in the line; along with a buzzer so that you are always informed about the water levels in your tanks.

Does not require an external power source

The AquaBrim’s Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple comprises battery powered transmitters, which are powered by AA size batteries; giving the Indicator Alarm a battery life of more than four years.




Long Lasting Batteries





Energy Savings


Protection from Voltage fluctuations

The AquaBrim’s Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple adds a layer of protection to your motors by automatically turning your motors off; if the voltage supply falls below or beyond the range of 170 to 250 volts.

Long lasting, durable sensors

The AquaBrim’s Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple is powered by high quality sensors that are resistant to scale and rust; which ensures durability and longevity of the sensors. The sensors are also maintenance free; thus reducing the hassle of having to routinely look after or replace your sensors.





Long lasting Aquabrim sensors - rest assured









Dry Run Protection

The AquaBrim’s Level Indicator/Alarm: Ripple protects your motor from wear and tear by turning the motor off; if it detects an interruption in the water flow for more than 2 minutes.

Wireless System

The AquaBrim’s Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple requires no wiring to connect either the Roof Tanks nor the Underground tank to the display unit; thus ensuring minimal to no damage to your existing structures.

Wreless system - Aquabrim Level Indicator



1 Year Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of the AquaBrim Level Indicator Alarm: Ripple; you are offered a 1 year warranty that protects you against any manufacturing defects.

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