Hogar HC Mini



  • Hotel room controller
  • ‘Now Occupied’ status for rooms
  • Perfect design to match for hotel rooms
  • Enable guests to control curtains, temperature, TV and more
  • Activate Welcome and Wakeup scenes
  • Cloud feature for remote access
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Energy efficient

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Hogar HC Mini







Hogar HC Mini is a smart hotel controller that greets your guests warmly and gives them a luxurious feel and ambience when they are inside the room. They can feel even more luxurious and comfortable with Hogar during their stay at your hotel room. You can allow them to set a ‘Now Occupied’ status for their room when they have occupied one; and even maintain a comfortable temperature as they are heading towards the room.


Set a Welcome scene for guests who are entering a room for the first time and make them feel home by playing light music, turning on the TV, opening the drapes, and setting a perfect scene for the room. This will give your customers a luxurious feel and ambience. Hogar is highly energy efficient and never cost you tonnes of dollars behind electricity bills. Get timely Over the Air firmware updates and stay updated with the latest features of Hogar HC Mini.



Energy Efficient

Hogar’s HC Mini is very energy efficient and can help you save tonnes of dollars you spend behind heavy electricity bills. With Hogar, you can get started with a smarter, efficient and luxurious hotel room for your guests.




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Set ‘Occupied’ Status

Hogar comes to you with a ‘Now Occupied’ status feature; that allows your guests to set the room status as ‘occupied’ when they are occupied by them.

Reserve a seat in the restaurant

With Hogar, your guests can reserve a seat for themselves and their family members in the restaurant or the bar. They can even call room service with this smart device.



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Wake Up at the Perfect Scene

Your guests can set a wakeup scene for themselves and wake up at the perfect mood light; instead of waking up at the piercing sound of alarm tones or phone calls and getting their sleep disturbed. Give your customers a healthier and happier life when they stay in your hotel.

Warm Welcome

Give your guests a warm welcome when they first arrive by pre-setting a perfect welcome scene for your rooms. With this feature, they will be welcomed at a perfect mood light, turn the TV on, opening the drapes and playing music.



Hogar HC Mini - Warm Welcome






Hogar HC Mini - Product




Stay Updated

With OTA firmware updates, your Hogar devices stay constantly up to date allowing your guests to enjoy all the latest and newer features of the system. The system gets updates automatically without you having to manually update the Hogar device.

Additional information



  • Plug Type: EU/IN/UK
  • OTA Update: Supported
  • RAM & ROM : 128MB & 32MB
  • Processor: MIPS24KEc @580 MHz
  • DVR/IP Camera Support: Supported
  • RF Range: Indoor 30M, outdoor 60M
  • Z-Wave Products interoperability : 50+ brands
  • Voice Control: Alexa & Google Assistant* (Coming Soon)