Fibaro Intercom



Stay connected with your home 24/7. See, speak and hear to anyone at your doorstep at day or night.


  • Superior infrared night vision camera
  • Bluetooth proximity and voice control
  • Inbuilt microphones with noise reduction
  • Simple installation using WiFi or Ethernet cable
  • Notifies with an alert when detects tamper or theft
  • Integration with the Fibaro system for creating complex scenes
  • See visitors in brilliant HD resolution with an ultra-wide 180˚angle lens
  • Lets you control 2 gates using the assigned pin code on the rotating ring

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Fibaro Intercom

The Advanced Guardian Of Your Home




Fibaro Intercom has been designed to let you stay connect with your home all the time, from anywhere around the world, at the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Fibaro Intercom will show you everyone who has arrived at your doorstep. It will also let you take phone calls, not only when you’re home but also when you are not. It will also record videos of the visitors in high definition quality.

Intercom has been equipped with fish-eye wide-angle lens. Its 180˚ panoramic view with high definition video will allow you to see more than just your doorstep, so that you can observe the whole panorama of your surroundings. It can also help you open your doors, if you forget your keys. Its built-in night vision will let you keep an eye on your surroundings even if it is dark outside. It has also been equipped with advanced microphones, so that you don’t just see, but also speak to anyone, on your property. It can be placed on your front door or anywhere you need some extra security.

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See, Hear And Speak To Anyone At Your Doorsteps

Fibaro Intercom will allow you to view and speak to anyone at your doorstep through it 1080p HD video and in-built noise canceling microphones. This attractive-looking, high gloss device will allow you to control two gates, at day or night. Intercom can also let visitors leave video messages, when you are not home or when you can’t speak to them, and it save all the recordings on a SD card.

Motion Detection

If your Intercom detects a motion on your door, it will instantly alert you by sending a notification on your smartphone and will also capture a picture of the activity and send it in an email.



Fibaro Intercom - Motion Detection




Fibaro Intercom - Keyless entry


Forget the Keys More Often Now

With Fibaro Intercom, you will not need your traditional keys to open your door. You will not have to keep your shopping bags down and search for your keys in your pocket, or even worse, in your purse. Intercom will open the doors for you, not through just one way, but three.

Voice Control

Intercom will use the magic of your voice and learn the individual of your voice precisely. This way, only you will be able open your door.


Fibaro Intercom - Voice Control



Fibaro Intercom - Bluetooth Proximity


Bluetooth Proximity

Intercom will detect your phone when you come closer to your property and will open the door even before you ask it to.

Remote Control

Through your phone, you will be able to contact the Fibaro Intercom from afar. This way, you will be able to open the door of your home, when any of your family members have forgotten their keys. You can do this while sitting on the terrace or from another country.








Theft Protection



Theft Protection

The intelligent Fibaro Intercom comes equipped with a built-in tamper detector. It will register any attempt of stealing and record the whole event and save it in the SD card.The system will instantly capture a picture of the intruder and send it to you via email.

Worldwide Access

To have a control over your home, you no more have to be home all the time. With Intercom, you will have a full control over your home and know about every activity that takes places on your property from halfway across the world, through a just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. It will let you never miss a delivery again and let you speak to every visitor at your doorstep while experiencing the true comfort.



Fibaro Intercom - Worldwide access



Fibaro Intercom App


Fibaro Intercom App

Fibaro Intercom App has been especially designed for the Intercom users. It will allow you to control what is happening at your front door at particular moment. It will let you remotely manage your home entrance. You can use your smartphone to adjust your preferred functionalities.The application can be used by each member of your family, in this way each of them will be able to remotely open the door without a key.

Voice Mail

The visitors on your doorstep will be able to leave important voice messages for you on the system. The system will then save the message for you play it anytime from anywhere.

Fibaro Intercom - Voice mail



Fibaro Intercom - Live View


Live Preview

Intercom will let you see a preview of all the devices mounted in your home, so that nothing escapes your attention.

Pin Code

With Fibaro Intercom, you will decide who enters your home and at what time. Its Pin Code feature is unique and can not be found in any other device of the same kind.

You can simply rotate the Intercom knob to enter the 4 digit password to open the door or gate. Intercom will let you give a unique pin to your relatives and friends. You will be immediately informed you of any unwanted movement and improper attempts to enter your PIN.

Fibaro Intercom - Pin code





Integration With Fibaro System

Imagine you come back home, the alarm is disarmed, the light in the corridor and kitchen is turned on, and the music is played on. All at once, within a moment. Your Fibaro Intercom is integrated with Fibaro System. By integrating your Intercom with Fibaro System, you can receive a notification on your phone when your children safely reached home.


Integration with Monitoring System

You can connect your Fibaro Intercom to your video recording system. The device will become another surveillance camera with the ability to intelligently record and playback events. Fibaro Intercom, while working with networked servers of well-known and respected companies; such as Synology or Qnap allows you to keep recordings of events at given time. This way you can feel safe both at home and outside.


Fibaro Intercom - Monitoring



Fibaro Intercom - Easy Installation


Easy Installation

The installation procedure of your Fibaro Intercom can be done in a few minutes by following the steps given in the manual, without the help from a professional. For a detailed information on the installation process of this device, please follow the link.

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