Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor keeps you updated for all the activities taking place in your home and gets you notified in case of any suspicious movements. Moreover, you can also create different customised scenes upon detection/absence of the motion as per you needs.

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  • Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

    • Receive an alert if there's unexpected movement in your home
    • Receive an alert if children access dangerous or off-limit areas
    • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go
    • Set connected lights to turn on automatically if there’s unexpected movement
    • Requires SmartThings Hub
  • Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen5


    • 4-in-1 Z Wave Sensor combining motion, light level, temperature and unique earthquake detection facility
    • Compatible with other Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ controllers like SmartThings
    • Tamper and low-battery alarm notification
    • Very small size makes it ideal for any Z-Wave system
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