The Home Automation Controllers or often referred to as the Hub is the brain of your Home Automation Ecosystem that forms an integrated network of various sensors and other devices and controls all of them in synchrony. It is the Controller that keeps the user updated about all the activities taking place in the home.

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  • Logitech Harmony Hub Controller

    • Turns your smartphone into a universal remote
    • Controls eight devices
    • Compatible with over 225,000 home theatre devices
    • Accesses Bluetooth game consoles
    • Easy mobile setup thanks to the free Harmony App
    • Closed cabinet control by turning RF signals from your Harmony Touch remote into IR and Bluetooth commands your devices can understand
    • Control connected home devices such as Philips ™, SmartThingsSM, INSTEON®, and IFTTT smart home platforms.
  • Pico Basic

    • Control from anywhere
    • Dimmable devices
    • WiFi enabled
    • 15 minutes installation
    • Usage Statistics
  • Pico Polar IR based Remote

    • Control from anywhere
    • Smart temprature sensor
    • Directional IR Transmission
    • Works with IR based devices
    • WiFi enabled
    • Schedule
    • Precool your room
  • Pico RGB Controller

    • Control from anywhere
    • Change upto 16 million colors
    • Setup scenes
    • 15 minutes installation
    • Usage Statistics
  • Hogar HC Pro

    Home Controller Pro with Z-wave, Zigbee and WiFi

  • Hogar HC Mini

    Home Controller Mini

  • Hogar 1 Touch Panel

    • 1 Touch Panel.
    • Relay or screen controller mode with load current max 8A.
    • Standard 2 Gangbox compatiable.
  • Zipato Roller Shutter/Motor Controller (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

    Control blinds, curtains and more from your smartphone

    • Extremely low power consumption
    • Max load up to 1100W
    • Over-the-air firmware update
    • Z-Wave Plus Technology
    • Easy installation
  • Zipabox – Main Unit (Z-Wave IN 865.2 MHz)

    Cloud-based Z-Wave home automation controller.

    • Control up to 232 Z-Wave devices
    • Extensible with snap-on modules
    • Secure your home from unwanted intrusions.
    • Uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves.
    • Supports the most existing home automation protocols such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, 433Mhz, KNX and many more.
    • Easy-to-use.
    • Powerful web-based interface where you can monitor all connected devices using Zipato Rule Creator