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  • Zipabox Security Module

    Zipabox Security Module

    An additional module which supports variety of wired security sensors and accesories

    • 1 siren input (use Zipabox as a siren in an existing alarm system)
    • 1 on-board solid state relay PGM output, negative or positive triggering (user selectable)
    • 1 supervised bell/siren output
    • 1 supervised auxiliary power output
    • 1 general purpose serial port – user selectable between RS-232 and half-duplex RS-485 mode
    • 1 lead-acid battery charger (charges external LA battery)
  • Zipabox Backup Expansion Module

    Zipabox Backup Expansion Module

    It keeps your Zipabox Smart Home Controller up and running even during a power blackout

    • Power backup for Zipabox
    • Connects external horn/siren directly to Zipabox
    • Add GPRS/3G connectivity to Zipabox with optional 3G stick
    • Integrated tamper sensor which detects shock and vibration
    • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Zipabox Power Expansion Module

    Zipabox Power Expansion Module

    A module that is used for measuring your power consumption

    • Extends Zipabox to support monitoring energy consumption of electronic equipment
    • Plugs easily into Zipabox expansion slot
    • Monitors up to four channels
    • Measures voltage, current and power –
  • Zipabox Amper Meter Clamp 35A

    Zipabox Amper Meter Clamp 35A

    A device used for efficiency monitoring and automation applications.

    • Energy submeter
    • Power meters
    • Power quality monitoring
    • HVAC & Pumps
    • Distributed measurement system
  • Zipabox – 433Mhz module

    Connect to devices with your Zipabox main controller with 433 MHz expansion module

    • Receives and decodes 433.92Mhz sensor signals of varous famous protocols
    • Encodes and transmites 433.92 Mhz actuator singals for varous famous protocols
    • Interoperability*: X10, CoCo, Chacon, Oregon Scientific, Lightwave
    • Supports Automatic firmware update
  • Zipabox – KNX module

    A module which integrates to your KNX network

    • KNX bus compatible
    • Two way communication
    • Can control 250 KNX objects Interface to KNX/EIB both at both – telegraph and data point levels (KNX Application Layer)
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